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Elder Scrolls Online:Tamriel Unlimited is an mmorpg Set in the epic world of tamriel of the Elder scrolls series.

ESO: Tamriel Unlimited uses a Buy to play system, so while there are no forced subscription fee's there is a single buy in price, during a good sale the game can be bought for as low as 10$

Explore more of the world of the Elder Scrolls!

Discover more then you've ever seen before of the world of Tamriel! from the murhy dephts of the black marsh swmaps to the frozen peaks of Skyrims tallest mountains. Its an immense and ever growing world full of beautifull vista's to explore, dungeons to investigate hidden secrets to be found and much much more!

A wartorn world and Unlikely alliances Every part of the of the world of Tamriel is engaged in a bitter war. The deadric prince Molag Bal, god of schemes, has developed his ultimate plan to pull all of Tamriel into the realm of Oblivion and enslave all mortal souls! The people of Tamriel have united under three banners as they are forced to seek allies in the face of war, yet the bonds between these allies are fragile at best. Can these ancient enemies put aside their bitter differences to save Tamriel?

A life of crime! Tamriel is the perfect place for an aspiring thief, citizens all over the world each have their own treasures and possessions! If you are stealthy enough you can steal and murder to your hearts content, just be prepared for the consequences if you're caught!

Your Character, Your rules!in Elder Scrolls Online you can use any and all weapons and sets of armor! and choose from a huge collection of spells and abilities to customize your fighting style, regardless of your class! Wether you are a templar, dragonknight , sorcerer or nightblade you are free to create the hero you always envisioned!

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